Psoriasis Treatment: What Works Best?


Find what remedy get rids of scales most effectively as per latest research.

Every individual suffering from psoriasis responds to different treatments in different ways. Why? It is because everyone has a different skin type and the severity of the condition also varies. The truth is that NOT every medication, lotion or supplement will work for you.

Choosing the right treatment is a critical decision. You want it to be effective, fast acting, affordable and safe. That is exactly why this website, is of use.

Our research team has spent months compiling and analyzing information about popular remedies for their effectiveness to clear symptoms, ingredient quality, consumer feedback, safety, pricing and product guarantees. We’ve done this to increase the likelihood of a sufferer to pick up the best available medication on the very first try. This would eventually help in saving time, money and help relieve annoying symptoms fast.

Before and after treatment

To find top remedies available we follow two way approach:

1) Experts’ Analysis: Our panel of experts analyzes each therapy and then rates it based on the following

1. Effectivenes

2. Product Safety

3. Company Reputation

4. Ingredient Quality

5. Success Percentage

6. Money Back Guarantee

7. Potency
8. Long-Term Results
9. Overall Value
2) Consumer Ratings: We collect consumer feedback and this data is used to ascertain popular options and latest trends. This helps us determine which option is getting the best possible results.

So, what did we found to give lasting results?

Below you will find top 5 solutions that we believe offer a lot better results than other remedies as per our in depth study.

Revitol Dermasis Cream

Revitol Dermasis Cream is a relatively new otc product. Launched in 2011, it utilises the latest in breakthrough medical science and has quickly grown into treatment of choice for men and women suffering this skin condition.

It has a mixture of potent and clinically proven anti-psoriasis ingredients in a specifically formulated strength which has been found to be very effective as evident from consumer feedback. Dermasis cream relives itching, rashes, lesions and all visible scales in mild, moderate and severe outbreaks.

Back psoriasis cleared

The disease causes your skin cells to grow out 8 times faster than normal) which causes build up of thick patches (or plaques) of silver or black or red lesions covered in dead skin. Dermasis’s active ingredient, 2% Salicylic Acid, stimulates the shedding of this layer of dead skin cells to help alleviate your symptoms. The other holistic ingredients help deep moisturize the skin.

In our own independent research we found that the reason of significant results achieved by Dermasis is because it works in two ways. First, unlike other creams it gets instantly absorbed by the skin and speeds up the shedding of dead skin cells. This process gets rid of the visible scales pretty fast even for severe cases. Secondly it normalizes the skin’s churning of dead cells so the scales don’t’ appear at the first place.

Dermasis creamThe cream is extremely safe for all skin types and can be applied on face, ears, around eyes, head, feet, scalp, legs, elbows, fingers, buttocks, toes etc without any side effects. It comes closest to a cure because its regular usage eliminates all the visible symptoms and signs like a prescription only drug.

One problem with Dermasis cream is that it is available only in the US and Canada at the moment. But because of the promising results it offers it still qualifies as our number one recommendation.

High success rate along with quick and lasting relief from symptoms is the reason that makes this cream a best seller!

Psoriasis Free for Life

Psoriasis Free for Life is principally an e-book that details a systematic approach on how to get rid of psoriasis. With substantial positive customer feedback backing up its claims this treatment comes at #2 in our rankings.

Successfull case

This is a three-phase program developed by Katy Wilson (renowned researcher) which works with all forms and stages of this health condition via natural remedies. The three phases are:

1. Diet It explains the food you should have to eliminate symptoms and what to avoid.

2. Cleanse and Detoxifying This section helps to get rid of toxic junk from the system that kept on piling in body for years due to poor eating habits.

3. Secret Remedies In this phase you will learn about the effective alternative remedies that need to be used as powerful home made ointments. You need to just apply them where scales appear.

Psoriasis freeIf followed religiously all phases have a profound affect in symptoms with complete recovery being observed in final phase. The best part is that the system can be incorporated in daily life easily and thereby prevent any new outbreaks.

This program works for people with mild, moderate and acute condition but the results are not instant as with Dermasis Cream. And as this treatmentneeds strict adherence to the program a lot of chronic sufferers don’t get optimum results just because they don’t keep up with it.

However as this solution is safe and by passes the expensive convectional methods of treatment it is the best substitute for people in countries whereDermasis Cream is not available.

More Information

Other treatments which were somewhat effective?

The following treatments were also found effective but as they had some major drawbacks they did not make up a place in top 2 remedies in our rankings.

#3 H Psoriasis

H psoriasis bottleH-Psoriasis is a natural remedy that works to reduce the symptoms that include itching, redness, irritation and flaking. This solution comprises of natural oils extracted from herbs documented to be effective against this condition. It can be applied directly to the affected areas or added in bath water for a healing and restorative soak. H-Psoriasis has analgesic properties that provide relief from symptoms of discomfort and itching.

We found that in people where H-Psoriasis gave significant results it can be used as a preventative maintenance program. The draw back with this therapywe observed was that it only works for mild to moderate cases of psoriasis and is of not much help in extreme flare ups.

#4 Topical Corticosteroids Ointments

CorticosteroidTopical Corticosteroids ointments work by interrupting the increased production of skin cells, thereby reducing inflammation and stopping plaque formation. Because of there topical approach these ointments dramatically reduces the serious side effects that are commonly associated withlong term usage of injections(shots) or oral corticosteroids tablets/capsules.

Although these give instant results, the problem with most of corticosteroid ointments we researched was that they lost effectiveness upon regular usage and therefore can’t be relied upon for long term use.